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Matthias Wucherer is a biologist and graduated in evolutionary ecology on glowing fishes. After becoming a beekeeper, he started his career in a multi-national corporation investigating effects of pesticides produced by all major companies in the industry. His great concerns about the ways of modern agriculture led him to become head of the „Blooming Landscapes Network“ (Netzwerk Blühende Landschaft), where he is dedicated to change our land use in favour of biodiversity and healthy populations of pollinating insects.

Description of our Initiative:

The Blooming Landscapes Network is based on regional groups of activists, who are dedicated to increase numbers and diversity of flowering plants in all areas: rural and urban, private gardens as as well as public areas, in crop-farming as well as in grasslands and forestries. Cooperations include hundreds of small initiatives like flowers in kindergardens up to guiding global grocery trade companies towards more sustainability. Currently, the most prominent project is called the „Bee’s Realm of Flowers“, where a network of 100 ha  blooming insect paradise areas (2018) is created based on citizen sponsorship.

Matthias Wucherer


Matthias Wucherer

Netzwerk Blühende Landschaft

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