November 12, 2019

Dear friends and supporters of the Natural Beekeeping Trust We’d like to tell you what we’ve been up to since the last Learning from the Bees conference in Berlin, and give you a preview of what’s in store.

November 10, 2019

On a beautiful weekend at the tail end of October, 20 bee lovers from Spain and Portugal joined NBT trustee Jonathan Powell at the Finca La Donaira eco retreat ...

November 10, 2019

After 3 years the Pertwood tree hive inside the old ash tree no longer has bees. It's hard to say that the colony died, because it split into four separate swarms that ...

August 6, 2019

Dear friends and supporters of the Trust,

This summer our bees have been truly blessed. Lots of rain in May was followed by many glorious sunny days in June and July, resulting in perfect conditions for copious nectar flows from the linden trees and all the other blooms...

April 23, 2019

Spring greetings. The bee season has started beautifully with many swarms spontaneously moving into log hives and related dwellings in Sussex, Kent, Wiltshire and Somerset. Great compliments to all the avantgarde beekeepers providing great habitat choices for honeybees...

July 24, 2018

You will not necessarily help honeybees by becoming a beekeeper or by inviting beekeepers on your land ...

June 18, 2018

As the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and the bees’ broodnests in the hives approach the form of a sun-like sphere ...

June 13, 2018

It is a misconception that honeybees need beekeepers in order to survive...

October 31, 2017

Dear friends, As our bees prepare for winter we are looking ahead to a time of vigorous new activity envisioning the great bee event in Holland in autumn 2018.

October 21, 2017

Trustee Jonathan Powell recounts his visit to the Naliboki Forest in Belarus.

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