Filming and Interview Policy

The Natural Beekeeping Trust deals with all filming and interview requests relating to the Trust and to the Sun Hive in the United Kingdom

Please note that the Trust is run by a small group of part-time volunteers and therefore opportunities for filming and interviews are limited.

All requests are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and it is recommended that producers and writers contact us at the earliest possible stage in the commissioning process to discuss requirements.


Filming policy
Requests to film must be submitted in writing with a full synopsis/details of the programme and how the piece will fit in to the programme, details of filming requirements (including locations) and interviews with Trustees of the Natural Beekeeping Trust (please refer to the interview policy below) and preferred dates of filming.


We request that a 'recce' is made (if circumstances allow) in advance of any filming.

Please note that companies granted permission to film will be asked to submit a copy of their public liability insurance.


Interview policy
Requests for interviews must be submitted in writing with a detailed explanation of the focus of the interview and areas of questioning, the name of the Trustee(s) to be interviewed, photography requirements and preferred dates.


Requests to film/interview should be sent to Heidi Herrmann (Co-Founder and Trustee) using the contact form

Disclaimer: Whilst the trustees believe that any methods and research published through this website are beneficial to bee health in general, they cannot accept any legal liability to users of this website for any losses or damage sustained as a result of following any of the suggestions or methods described.


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