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New Publication - Natural Bee Husbandary

August 30, 2016

A very interesting new publication - The International Journal for Bee-Centred Husbandry, will be launched by Northern Bee Books in October this year.

This represents a truly remarkable step forward that is already finding great support in the natural beekeeping community worldwide. To date, subscriptions have been received from Holland. France, Belgium,  Sweden, Norway,New Zealand, Australia and the United States.


The Natural Beekeeping Trust is delighted with this new venture and is offering a subscription page here.  Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine will appear quarterly, with the first issue due during the first week of October. 

May 24, 2016

The Trust is delighted to help Pertwood Organic Farm create the first Zeidler tree hive in the UK.

Work started on the tree hive May 12th 2016, and was completed the following day. Within minutes of completing the hive a scout bee went inside to check the hive!

The Tree Beekeeping Field Guide is now available

April 11, 2016

Trustee Jonathan Powell's guide contains everything you need to know to make a tree hive. This is the first book of its kind and features detailed practical advice and photographs.


Download the e-book here

Gardens Illustrated: Spirit of the Beehive

April 07, 2016

We are featured in a Gardens Illustrated article about natural beekeeping and gardening for bees.

Live and Let Bee

March 27, 2016

We're looking forward to working together like bees in Macedonia, England, Holland and Turkey! Here's a video introduction to our unique two-year project, funded by Erasmus.

March 15, 2016

A super video of David Heaf and ex bee inspector Peter Haywood discussing how they came to abandon the treatment of bees with chemicals. Now over 80% of Gwynedd beekeepers no longer treat their bees. The results are startling ... but no spoilers here.

Jonathan Powell speaks about tree beekeeping

March 10, 2016

In this video Jonathan Powell, a member of Tree Beekeeping Internation​al and trustee of the Natural
Beeke​eping Trust, explains why he believes tree hives are one of the most inspiring​ and important​ ​hives, particularly in the context of the environmental challenges that bees face in the 21st century.

Do your bees have sufficient stores?

December 29, 2015

There are times when, despite hives going into the winter with sufficient stores, food stocks can run dangerously low as winter proceeds.  Our current 'winter' is a case in point, because it has not yet become a proper winter and the bees get confused. The result can be colonies that die from starvation. If you are a Friend of the NBKT, you can read a discussion of winter feeding on our Friends' Pages.

Our aim is to keep bees as close to the natural state as possible

December 10, 2015

Jan Michael of has just released another video in his series of films devoted to showing forms of beekeeping that put the Bee first. We are pleased to feature this beautiful film in which our fellow trustee Jonathan Powell explains the principles underlying the log hive, and treebeekeeping in general, in a manner both engaging and persuasive. 

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Log Hive

November 21, 2015

Our friend Jan Michael, who teaches beekeeping and pioneers a great variety of bee-friendly hives at his establishment Ruchebio in France, has just released this exciting new video - the essential guide to making a log hive for bees, with John Haverson and Matthew Somerville.

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