News: Universal outrage at government's recent pesticide decision

The Bee Coalition campaigned actively to save the bees from the government's recent disastrous decision to permit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in response to pressure from the NFU. Sadly, to no avail. 


Following extensive research that showed the immense harm to bees and other pollinators caused by neonicotinoid pesticides, the EU Commission restricted their use in 2013. Since then more scientific studies have clearly validated the ban. The government's recent decision to approve the re-introduction of neonicotinoid pesticides for certain application has been met with shock and dismay by environmental organisations.


Presently the NBKT is the only beekeeping organisation represented in the Bee Coalition. We exhort British beekeepers to encourage any charity they support to take a clear stance on neonicotinoid pesticides.


NBKT spokesperson Heidi Herrmann says: "All independent research has clearly shown the immense damage caused by neoticotinoid pesticides to our entire pollinator populations. At a time when bees, in particular, need all the help they can get and suffer the severe effects of loss of habitat and flower diversity the government's decision is in utter contempt of what the bee-loving British public would hope for. This is a day of mourning for our hardworking bees!"


Read the following Guardian article by Damian Carrington for more information. 


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