News: Universal outrage at government's recent pesticide decision

The government's decision to permit the selective use of neonicotinoid pesticides despite overwhelming scientific evidence of the colossal harm caused to a great variety of essential pollinators has caused a media storm of outrage and condemnation.


The Natural Beekeeping Trust's position was quoted in this article in the Independent; the following selection of media responses makes for interesting reading, not least for the total absence of a commentary by Britain's leading beekeeping charity, the British Beekeeping Association. We raise the question whether beekeepers' interests are adequately represented by silence on a matter of such consequence to the bees. 


UK suspends ban on pesticides linked to serious harm in bees (in paper too)


Environmentalists slam decision allowing farmers to ignore EU ban on pesticides linked to declining bee populations + editorial (in paper too)


Ban lifted on controversial 'neonic' pesticide


Fury as government approves banned 'bee-killing' pesticides despite petition by 500,000 people


Bee cause: Germany tightens, UK relaxes neonic regulation


500k People Don't Want The Government To Lift A Ban On 'Bee-Killing' Pesticide - But It Just Did


U.K. government lifts ban on neonicotinoid pesticides


Lobby pressure forces U-turn on ban on bee-killing pesticide


Farmland bird and butterfly declines show we are ‘failing nature’


NFU granted autumn emergency use neonicotinoid derogation

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