Summer Newsletter 2019

Dear friends and supporters of the Trust,

This summer our bees have been truly blessed. Lots of rain in May was followed by many glorious sunny days in June and July, resulting in perfect conditions for copious nectar flows from the linden trees and all the other blooms of early summer. In many parts of the country the bees celebrated by abundant and early swarming. Remarkably, all the loghives and freedom hives around the country that we are aware of were spontaneously occupied. Such observations are very valuable object lessons in learning from the bees one of their most important criteria in choosing nest sites: they like living high up.

Berlin Conference

First, here’s a message from our friends in Berlin who are organising Learning from the Bees Berlin; there are still tickets for sale, and thanks to generous sponsorship these have just been reduced. We are looking forward to connecting with and growing our network of international Bee people and hearing about the initiatives, creative projects and research being done locally and around the world.

Dear Hive,

We're four weeks from Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019. We've organized a strong program that we're proud of: four full days, featuring 30+ speakers, who have already attracted attendees from around the world.

For those who attended the first Learning from the Bees, we hope to replicate its energy, excitement, and magic. We felt like we were witnessing a swarm: present in the midst of something wonderful, part of a community moving towards a new future, pregnant with the potential for greatness.

In Berlin we will follow this path, joining together beekeepers, foresters, farmers, and others to reimagine a better future for the bees — and a greener planet. We'll emphasize Zeidlerei (tree beekeeping) and encourage audience participation, because you're part of this swarm too.

You'll meet the experts, engage with other attendees, and share your own stories. You'll hear about innovative projects, new research, ways to ignite your inner activist, how to contribute to ecosystem regeneration, and learn much more from the bees.

We hope to see you in Berlin!

The Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 Team

Our Rewilding project at Pertwood

In June the Natural Beekeeping Trust was host to 14 Swiss and German bee scientists, researchers and veterinarians who were keen to see the Trust’s Pertwood farm rewilding project. Just weeks before, almost as if the bees knew they were coming, the bees increased their population to 4 wild colonies in tree cavities, log hives and bee boxes. Many of the party had never seen wild colonies before as they are now very rare in Switzerland.