Deborah Post is the founder of HONEY HIGHWAY - A permanent paradise for bees in the roadsides of highways and on dikes. And land of landowners. Successful projects are realised in collaboration with government and big companies throughout the whole country. Honey Highway is a total concept: making land suitable, sowing soil specific multi-annual wild flower seeds, mowing requirements and monitoring. And the communication around it to tell people in villages and towns how parties fill in their sustainability agenda as a business, by involving primary school children and students in research into the soil and by sowing, by organizing biodynamic beekeeping courses, and by organizing bee-dinners at the country house in Schipluiden


Feeding the Bees, My Way

The Bee itself must become stronger. Of course it will help enormously if beekeepers start heeding the principles of  natural selection, I totally agree. But I believe that bees will become stronger when they get a greater variety of good  food to eat. 80% of the bees in the world get sugar during food scarcity, which can never be healthy. Bees deserve better than that, of this I am certain, and  this is why the Honey Highway initiative was born. Lots of farmland and roadsides are protein-rich grasslands; the roadsides and dykes are nothing but green deserts.  A Honey Highway consists of regional organic wild flowers. Honey Highway is a long lasting bee paradise along roadsides of motorways, railways and waterways. And the communication that invariably happens around such honey highways indicate  that this model of forage creation for pollinators is also effective in giving direction to the sustainability agenda of businesses - through informing people in villages and towns that the sea of flowers is for the bees ….by involving primary school children in sowing. By having students do research into the soil, and flowers that are originally grown and sown with their help.  I am happy to point to the success of flowering paradises alongside motorways, ,railways and waterways throughout the whole country. Besides these communal projects more and more landowners and project developers are making their land available to enable us to transform the forage of our bees and pollinators.

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A Land of Plenty

Deborah will tell how she made Honey Highway happen.  Honey Highway is a  long lasting bee paradise at roadsides of highways, railways, and waterways. It is a total concept: it is making the soil suitable, sowing 44 sorts of multi-annual wild flower seeds which are soil-specific, mowing requirements for 5 years and monitoring. And it is the communication around it to tell you that this is the way to fill in your sustainability agenda as a business. To tell people in villages and towns that the sea of flowers is for the bees, by involving primary school children in sowing. By having students do research into the soil, and flowers and helping to sow. Also by distributing bags of organic flower seeds to primary school children. By placing indication signs, by organizing the biodynamic beekeeping course and by organizing Bee-diners at our Countryhouse in the village Schipluiden.

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