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Courses and Events

If you are interested in finding out more about honey bees the Natural Beekeeping Trust can recommend the following events and organisations both UK and international which offer courses and training.

If you would like to add your own event please use this online form.

Up Coming Events

Course Providers

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Apis Arborea

Michael Thiele and colleagues based in the USA preserve honey bees through rewilding. Seminars and workshops on arboreal apiculture, biodynamic beekeeping, beelining and practical hive building.

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Artgerechte Bienenhaltung (Species Appropriate Beekeeping)

An online training and lecture course in German on species appropriate beekeeping, including the use of the Schiffer Tree (tree cavity simulation hive), hosted by Torben Schiffer, including his research on tree living bees and a practical one day workshop in Hamburg.

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Based in Portugal, the BeeWisdom Network is a meeting space of inspiration and support for bee companions on their journeys co-creating a world that embodies more love and beauty.

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Log hive making course by Matt Somerville at various locations in the UK.
Make your own log hive and take it home.

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Bees for Development

International charity based in Monmouth, Wales, UK.
Support training of beekeepers in developing countries.
UK Courses: Sustainable beekeeping, straw and willow skep making, bee safaris in the Caribbean. One day taster course delivered with Humble by Nature

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Dorfuni Durnau

Johanis Loriz and Agata Chiemlewska host a one day course on the nature of the Bien, also 2 weekends or full 4 day course on making the Sun hive (German language).

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