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Natural Bee Husbandry

A new quarterly journal for a new a era of bee centred beekeeping published by Northern Bee Books.


‘Natural Bee Husbandry’ focuses on a type of beekeeping which can be described in many ways: sustainable beekeeping, bee-centred beekeeping, apicentric beekeeping, sensitive beekeeping, bee-friendly beekeeping, etc.  It will be of special interest to beekeepers who for have for many reasons moved away from keeping their colonies in conventional ways,  or who prefer their bees to be kept in hives more suited to the bees’ needs rather than for the beekeeper's ease of management. 

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 Publishing schedule is the 2nd week of:

February - Issue 22

May - Issue 23

August - Issue 24

November - Issue 25

"I enjoyed the first issue a lot  - and it is wonderful to see it as another gesture towards a global network of a restorative approach within the apiculture community. Thank you to all who made this possible"

Michael Joshin Thiele USA

The word ‘husbandry’ was purposely chosen. Firstly, it describes not just management, but management with care and responsibility for one’s charges, just as in olden days it referred to Man’s relationship with the family livestock and crops - and with the immediate environment too. Secondly, many forms of natural beekeeping of today have their roots in the traditional crafts of the past, when natural local materials were used for the construction of hives. The use of plastic is abhorrent to such beekeepers; so is exploiting the bees to the full for whatever hive products can be gleaned from them. Indeed, many natural beekeepers are pleased to keep bees just to help redress the fall in numbers, for the valuable pollination work that they do and for the sheer pleasure of seeing them at close quarters outside their homes or flying around their gardens. 

In the words of Wendell Berry:


'Husbandry is the name of all the practices that sustain life by connecting us conservingly to our places and our world; it is the art of keeping tied all the strands in the living network that sustains us.'



"Not quite finished reading the first edition yet, but just wanted to let you know that it turned out wonderful. It is a joy to finally have a magazine with a focus on what the bees need and on natural, non-invasive beekeeping. And to read the wonderful stories of fellow bee guardians. So a huge thanks to you for embarking on this endeavour. Looking forward to the next edition already!"


Alberthe Papma - Netherlands

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