Apiculturist, Zeidler, Founder of Gaia Bees and Apis Arborea

The Mystery of Honeybees: Compass Point, Enigma and Soul Plasma.
Rewilding: Embracing an Ecology of Diverse and Interconnected Selves.

Michael lives with his family, and an infinity of bees, in the oak woodlands of Northern California

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Spirit of the Hive

Entering the soul-scape of Apis Arborea

Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ (all my relations; Lakota)

Apis Arborea, the one who lives in symbiosis with and in the womb of trees, also known as Apis Mellifera, follows a modality of being in this world which is radically different from our own default way of thinking and being.  ‘Her’ selfhood appears as a multilayered field and embodiment alike and occupies a dimension of being beyond the imagination of our monadic sense of self.

When we enter the soul-scape of Apis Arborea, it allows us to tap into the fluidity of our own identity and to experience a deeply interconnected sense of self; it allows us to move into bewilderment where the mind wanders without certainties.  This, in turn, requires courage to enter an ineffable field without the patchwork of maps of our old left brain world.

Bees change our understanding of what selves are and how they emerge, dissolve, and merge into new kinds of ‘we’.  This is the landscape of an apiculture beyond bees. In the mystery of an intimate communion with bees can we find refuge and a deep sense of belonging.

The apian wisdom, or Apisophia, is a compass point for our cultural, psychological and spiritual life, and introduces us to a world of inter-being.  It is also Apisophia which then transforms apiculture into a ceremonial practice and a loci of stillness and contemplation.‘Io ho quel che ho donato.’   (We have what we have given)

Michael Joshin Thiele

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