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André a specialist in natural organic beekeeping, and course instructor. Founding president of FREETHEBEES Switzerland. Co-founder of Tree Beekeeping International. André's passion lies in the continuous improvement of sustainable processes. In the past honey yield was of primary importance, however today the focus of attention needs to be oriented towards pollination, biodiversity and the long-term preservation of the honey bee species, Apis mellifera

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Progressive Beekeeping

Despite the fact that science and practitioners confirm the ability of the honeybee to live healthily even with the varroa mite, Swiss beekeepers continue to routinely treat their bees with organic acids, thus circumventing natural selection, and despite known and well documented collateral damages.

New parasites, such as the small hive beetle or the Asiatic hornet are just on the way to gain ground in Switzerland and Germany. It is certain that there will also be new viruses, new bacteria and new fungi in the not so distant future. It will become more and more difficult to cope with all those threats on a chemical basis.

So, why not just let nature do the work? Let's reinstall natural selection; the ONLY way of having locally adapted bees to whatever problems our bees might face in the future. More than 30 millions of years have proven the powerful natural principal.

Not treating all our bees from one day to another could lead into a mess and serious problems in pollination, at least for a period of transition. Therefore, we need to initiate this phase strategically. The vision, where we want to go, is clear. We have worked the concepts to go. The solution can only be achieved, when we start joining our forces and work together. Like the bees: every single individual is just working on the behalf of its colony. 

André Wermelinger

Co-founder - Free the Bees

André Wermelinger

Free The Bees

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