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Bartłomiej is a treatment free amateur-backyard beekeeper from Poland. In his apiary he seeks the thin common space between beekeeping and the natural biology of Honey bees. He is co-founder and board member of the Natural Beekeeping Association "Free Bees” ("Wolne Pszczoły”) - An organisation which promotes natural ways of keeping bees.

Abstract(s) for Parallel Sessions

Progressive Beekeeping

In time of industrial agriculture and Varroa mite, effective and efficient beekeeping without constant usage of toxic or biocidal substances has become very difficult in Poland, if not impossible.

This concerns especially amateur backyard beekeepers, whose loss in apiaries are sometimes impossible to restore from their own resources. That is why Polish amateur beekeepers have founded organization, thanks to which we can not only promote natural beekeeping, but help each other in achieving the goal of treatment free bees. I hope to present some basic information about the ways of cooperating and being a help for each other, we have worked out in our association. I would also like to talk a little closer about our natural selection project - "Fort Knox", which is one of the basis of our partnership and a system of guarantees for one another.

Bartłomiej Maleta

Co-founder - Free Bees ("Wolne Pszczoły”)

Bartłomiej Maleta

Free Bees

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