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I was born in Bavaria where I trained as a conference interpreter, subsequently emigrated to England to work for the UK government in defence, international relations and law. When children came into my life, I studied anthroposophy and trained as a teacher. A fortuitous encounter at church led to an interest in bees and biodynamic agriculture. I am a co-founder and trustee of the Natural Beekeeping Trust and find immense interest in the company of bees, sheep and horses. I hope that we will learn to do justice to the bees in the ways we live on this earth. It would be sad to live in a bee silent world. 

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Spirit of the Hive

What we seek is to be at one with the bees

Some of us describe ‘relating’ to their bees, even confess to a sense of ‘knowing’ them. Some are aware that the families of bees have distinct personalities. And some are able to carry out their interactions with the hive without fear, but with confidence in the ‘relationship’ of mutual trust, even co-operation.  What is the entity that we relate to? Sometimes appeal to? What is it that energises and carries forward the life of the hive. Is it knowable? Can it help us, teach us, change us? I would like to say some words about my journey, in the hope of encouraging you to face your bees with understanding. Face to face.

Heidi Herrmann

Trustee Natural Beekeeping Trust

Heidi Herrmann

Natural Beekeeping Trust

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