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Jacqueline Freeman is co-founder of Preservation Beekeeping Council, a US nonprofit for educating new beekeepers and the public about bees–what they need, and how to help them survive and thrive. She is author of “Song of Increase: Listening to the wisdom of honeybees for kinder beekeeping and a better world.”

Abstracts for Parallel Sessions

Deep Listening at the Altar of the Hive

People often ask if they can visit our farm to watch me work with the bees. “And what would they see?,” I wonder. Most of the time they’d find me sitting alongside a hive doing little that actually looks like ‘work.’ Yet what I am present to is glorious.

Bees constantly express an ongoing and flowing Hive Unity that is filled with harmony, wisdom and self-perception. Through their magnificent expressions of sound, scent, sight and shared kindness, we will enter the holy consciousness of the Bee and delight in the heart-stirring nourishment that carries us toward wakefulness.

Jacqueline Freeman has been listening to bees for 14 years. She and her husband have a biodynamic farm in the Pacific Northwest. She is author of “Song of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom  of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World. The book is available in English, French, Dutch, Swedish, as an audiobook, and soon to be in Spanish.

Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline Freeman

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