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Jenny Cullinan works for UJUBEE, a bee conservation group dedicated to researching and protecting the wild honeybee in the Western Cape of South Africa.


Ujubee has acquired considerable expertise in observing and documenting the behaviour and life style of bees. They are actively engaged in educating regional conservation bodies about the need to ensure protection of the honeybee in the wild. 
Ujubee will present their work and offer an exhibition of selected artworks and photographs.

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Wild Bees, Bees in Trees, Rewilding

The Genius of Living Wild (Ujubee, South Africa)
My talk will focus on the conservation of bees living in the wild in the Western Cape, South Africa, and our need to protect their natural way of being. I will speak about the remarkable ways that bees keep themselves healthy in the wild and how finely tuned they are to all things around them and their importance to biodiversity. I will also touch on obstacles, such as the idea of keeping hived bees in wildlife areas.

Jenny Cullinan

Jenny Cullinan

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