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Conference Chairman, Natural Beekeeping Trust Trustee, Tree Beekeeper and conference web master. As with his bees - Jonathan is never happier high up in a tree.


"Sometimes a man must go alone into the forest and die into its heart, so he can  bring back the forgotten pieces of this world" - The Bright Burning by Daverick Leggett

Abstract(s) for Parallel Sessions

Wild Bees, Bees in Trees, Rewilding

Jonathan is currently running two large scale re-wilding projects in 2,000+ acre organic farms in Spain and the UK, each with very different starting points: The first uses the local wild un-managed bees and provides new nesting opportunities where there are few, the second starts with 30 commercially managed hives to see if these bees can be re-wilded back into the forest setting. The talk will cover the highs and lows of each project and the design decisions.

Jonathan Powell

Trustee Natural Beekeeping Trust

Jonathan Powell

Natural Beekeeping Trust

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