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Creator and researcher in the field of performing arts and co-founder of BeeTime, a residential program for artistic research, based in Southern Andalusia, Spain. 

BeeTime creates spaces to develop creative thought processes and socio-ecological art practices inspired by the honeybee.  Artists from all discipline as well as researchers from fields such as systems thinking, humanities, social sciences and deep ecology are invited to learn about a bee-centered approach to beekeeping, and a regenerative approach to the landscape.

Abstract(s) for Parallel Sessions

The Beehive Metaphor

In certain social art experiences, both the idea of the sublime associated with the work of art and the very instance of authorship are suspended. What becomes "valuable" is proximity and the ability to link environments and inhabitants, forming centres of collective experimentation linked to a particular locality. If artistic practice is related to nature and ecology, the values by which the quality of art is measured can be radically altered. This is the case of the Bee Time Artist Residencies, conceived as contexts for research, creation and exchange between natural beekeepers and artists. Social art progressively seeks the contact between artistic practice and everyday life (rural, usual) trying to break down the state of exception posed by the artistic work. Permanence, intimacy and proximity replace the terms of beauty and virtuosity, classically associated with the work of art and its realization.

Jorge Gallardo

Co-founder Bee Time

Jorge Gallardo


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