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Karsten Massei has been researching the spiritual nature of bees for many years, and offers courses and seminars on the theory and practice of suprasensible perception. His programmes are aimed at beekeepers with an interest in spiritual beekeeping. He has recorded his research in his book "Gift of Bees", among others.

Abstracts for Parallel Sessions

Spirit of the Land

The transformation work of the bees in the landscape - the flight of bees in the dark  
The landscape is of great significance to bees. The bee colony and the landscape meet in a very intense way. Only if one forms true conceptions of the relations between the landscape and the bee colony, one can understand the being of the bees correctly. Every landscape has a spiritual level. Man also has a formative influence on the landscape.The special character of a landscape, but also the strain to which many landscapes are exposed, have a significant influence on the health of the bee colony.
In this amount, the intimate relationship of bees to the extrasensory influences of the landscape is discussed. It is shown that the care of the landscape is one of the tasks
of beekeepers.

Karsten Massei

Karsten Massei

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