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Terry of UrbanBee San Francisco is an all natural, chemical free beekeeper on San Francisco rooftops since 2008. Terry teams up with local businesses to provide neonic and fungicide-free plants and trees through corporate urban landscaping. Her mission? That every flowering, ornamental tree planted in San Francisco be safe food for bees free of systemic poisons.

Abstracts for Parallel Sessions

A Land of Plenty

Terry will speak to the fact that for years in the US, most flowering ornamental trees (possibly up to 75% of them) have been treated with neonics which last for years in woody plants and flowering trees. These trees, grown in unsustainable monoculture conditions and sold in bulk to garden centers, townships and cities for street plantings, have been pre-treated at the nursery before sale with systemic neonics and fungicides. Imagine millions of trees with billions of flowers that have been deadly year after year. Terry is creating an awareness drive to educate consumers to the dangers of systemic chemicals in trees. Trees are food for many pollinators. The last thing we should be doing is poisoning the species we are trying to help.

Terry Oxford

Terry Oxford

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