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Waldorf teacher, sculpts in wood, and owns an educational biodynamic  bees farm. 
Leads Activities and projects for bees in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Works to assimilate and educate children and adult communities to understand the "spiritual connection between children and bees."

Founder of the Urban Centres for Biodynamic Beekeeping and SOS Bees – Red Bee Shield – a network of 140 volunteers from all over the country who rescue swarms.

Abstracts for Parallel Sessions

Children and Bees

I will talk about the "spiritual connection between children and bees" and the ways to realize this connection to educating children and educating communities to love bees.

During the session we will see the magic of the connection between children and bees.

We will see how the relationship can be implemented in educational and educational programs.

We will see how the children can connect the adult community to coexist with the bees in the city and in the open spaces.

Yossi Aud

Yossi Aud

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