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The Year Turns

Christmas is a special time of year for both humans and bees. The sun has stopped its downward journey and now begins to rise again in the sky. The bien will stir slightly in its slumber in acknowledgement, for bees are creatures of the sun and are acutely aware of changes in the heavens. They know through instinct that a moment has come that marks a turn; night will henceforth shorten and day will once again prevail. In our human world of artificial light, where we create ‘day’ to suit our needs regardless of the season, we forget the primal importance of such moments. By penetrating the cocoon of our modern lives, the bees enable us to connect with the wider world, the natural world. For that we owe them thanks and gratitude. There is much they can teach us if we are ready to listen.

With wishes to all for a peaceful and joyous Christmas, beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike.

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