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Free Living Bee Project

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The mention of honeybees often draws people's attention, almost as if some kind of inner connection exists. Unfortunately, many believe these honeybees live in boxes on the ground managed by beekeepers running around in funny white suits. In reality, a honeybee's natural habitat is far removed from this.

Education plays an important role in changing this commonly held perception. The NBKT is very fortunate to be collaborating with one of Cornwall's top visitor attractions, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, UK. to help achieve this goal.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan are steeped in history. The Cornish Tremayne family created the diverse 200-acre estate in the mid-18th century. After being left to the course of nature at the outbreak of WW1, it was only re-awakened in the 1990s to become one of Europe's largest garden restoration projects, headed by Tim Smitt founder of the Eden Project.



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