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"The Tree Beekeeping Field Guide" by Jonathan Powell - Everything you need to know to make a tree hive is now available for download.


"The Tree Beekeeping Field Guide' is an essential ebook to help our efforts in seeeking new sustainable ways of living with bees.  Jonathan Powell not only illuminates the nearly lost art and craft of the ‘Zeidler’,  an ancient vocation in the 'culture of honeybees', but also provides the knowledge and resources for an ethical and respectful approach of apiculture. It will inspire many and be of guidance for a new developing paradigm of apiculture." 

- Michael Joshin Thiele



The Tree Beekeeping Field Guide - An eBook (EPUB) by Jonathan Powell

  • Download File Size: 27MB

    EPUB Version

    ISBN #: 978-1-945239-55-7


    The guide is an eBook designed for iBooks, but it will work in any reader that can handle EPUB3 format*. There are also many browser plugin readers for eBooks. However, if you would also like a PDF version please email once you have ordered the EPUB ebook and we will send you a free download coupon (We used to include it but the download size and complexity of unbundling the container ZIP file was too much for most folks!). Alternatively just purchase the PDF from here.


    The Amazon Kindle does NOT support EPUB3 format, but we can supply a PDF version the book on request.


    * For a PC we recommend the icecream reader. A list of alternative EPUB3 readers can be found at this link. For Apple devices (MacOS and iOS) use the installed iBooks app. For Android we recommend AI Reader or the free Google Play Book reader


    Download Instructions


    1. After purchase, the shop will display a download link in your browser, and you will also get an email with a download link that is valid for 30 days.


    2. Click on the download button. Depending on connection speed the download may take a little while.


    3. On most modern mobile and desktop operating systems you will then be offered the chance to open the book in an ebook reader (for example iBooks on Mac and iOS). Accept this and you will be able to read the book. Alternatively you can simply save the book to disk/cloud storage and open the file later with any ebook reader.


    Any problems? Contact 



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