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John Haverson


John has enjoyed a lifelong interest in the natural world since he was a boy living in Africa. As a professional engineer he has always wanted to know how things work; and if they malfunction, he wants to know the reasons why. He first touched honeybees in 1980 in New Zealand and started his own apiary in Hampshire, after he stopped globetrotting, more than10 years ago. John has been keeping bees since 2003.

As the Andover swarm liaison officer, he has seen bees living undisturbed in a number of different situations. After reports of failing colonies, he started to study the natural life and behaviour of bees as well as what might be causing their demise. In 2007 he started to adopt Demeter ‘organic’ beekeeping practices, progressively becoming more bee-centric in his husbandry.

“The more I understand about the Bee, the more I know she wants to be left alone, undisturbed to manage her own life. Working in harmony with bees is a joy and they bring life, energy and colour to our garden. The Bee has opened my eyes to the wonders of a holistic ecosystem and the interdependence of a vast diversity of nature.”

John Haverson runs an informal group of natural beekeepers in Hampshire and surrounding areas which welcomes newcomers and inquiries.

John Haverson
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