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Nicola Bradbear


I am Director and Founder of Bees for Development, and President of the Apimondia Scientific Commission Beekeeping for Rural Development. I was also a lecturer at Cardiff University (1993-1996) and before that worked at the International Bee Research Association for 10 years (1983-1993). I have worked as beekeeping consultant in 45+ countries, working for FAO, IFAD, the World Bank and many other donor organisations.

Bees for Development is an international organisation working for over twenty years to support bees and beekeepers in developing countries. We support simple, sustainable beekeeping for biodiversity and livelihoods. We endeavour to understand the factors important for extensive, productive and profitable beekeeping systems. In recent years we have increasingly provided training to beekeepers in UK, promoting a natural extensive approach to maintaining healthy populations of honeybees. We are based in Monmouth in South Wales where we have a small team of professional staff assisted by a large team of noble volunteers. We have a tiny shop selling local honeys, candles and bee products with some from Africa, too.

We are very honoured and happy to be named as a partner with The Natural Beekeeping Trust.

Nicola Bradbear
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