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Peter Brown


Peter has been a biodynamic farmer from his early twenties; after farming for ten years in South Africa, he returned to the United Kingdom to build up what has developed into one of the flagship community farms in this country, Tablehurst Farm in Sussex. Peter has been instrumental in introducing the sunhive to this country, and is part of the Natural Beekeeping Tust's important sun hive endeavour. Peter's expertise in sustainable farming is invaluable to the Trust's objective to further all kinds of gardening and farming which promise to create a healthier and more diverse environment for bees and all other pollinators.

Peter Brown is currently Chairman of the Biodynamic Association, one of the first farming organisations advocating sound methods of agriculture and gardening.

"I am grateful to the bees for raising awareness of the urgent need for the world to farm differently. They help us in so many ways to rise to our task as stewards of the earth, and we will do well to listen to their message. It is urgent. Their crisis is really the crisis of our consciousness"

Peter Brown
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