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Simon Kellam


My personal ‘Bee Journey’ only really started in 2015. I got my first National Hive after completing a conventional beekeeping course but it wasn’t long
before I started questioning some of the methods I had been taught.
I then stumbled across a Tree Beekeeping workshop hosted by Jonathan Powell at The Dartington Hall Estate in Devon. It caught my attention because I love working with wood. However, that day really changed the course of my Bee Journey and I have never lookedback, all thanks to Jonathan Powell and the NBKT.

I have recently designed my own Eco Tree Hive and the Roseland Eco Hive. I get immense satisfaction rewilding bees and demonstrating to the public the
benefits of letting bees follow their innate preferences. I think it’s also very important to engage with conventional beekeepers as well. There will always be a demand to interact with bees for the ‘honey’. That’s why I’ve tried to design a more bee friendly environment in a conventional type framed hive. If managed SUSTAINABLY then there is a place for this engagement but much work needs to be done first to re address the balance of bees with nature.

Simon Kellam
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