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February Newsletter 2020

Dear friends and supporters of the Natural Beekeeping Trust,

We hope this finds you warm and well as we look ahead to a busy 2020.

Upcoming Talk

Trustee Heidi Herrmann is speaking at Mystics and Scientists 2020.

Re-Enchanting the World: Consciously Connecting with the Deep Wisdom of Nature

April 17 - 19 - Horsley Park, Surrey

The Arboreal Apiculture Salon

We have made available the recordings of the Arboreal Apiculture Salon in podcast/streaming format so that those who cannot attend the live stream can also hear the events. You can li first two are up on the Salon web page, or you can subscribe to them in any podcast player if you search for the Arboreal Apiculture.

The next salon is March 21st, 2020 18:15 - 19:30 UTC.For other time zones use this time zone converter.

Available to listen to now from the Salon web page are:

  • Salon No. 7 with special guest Torben Schiffer "The whole biology of the bee depends on the hive structure"

  • Salon No. 8 with special guests Michiel Verspuij, Deborah Richmond, Torben Schiffer & Michael J. Thiele "Rewilding Apis Mellifera"

Learning from the Bees 2020 - 25th-27th August

Learning from the Bees 2020 - Dartington Hall

Learning from the Bees 2020 will be an intimate contemplative gathering of 120 people in the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall, UK.

We will shortly be looking for submissions from anyone feeling called to co-create this event together with us. As places are limited we encourage you to register your interest here to receive conference news.

Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine

Our Editor, John Phipps has been working hard on putting together issue nr. 14 of our much loved journal and it is ready to post!

If you want to check the status of your subscription we have added a check subscription function to the order page.

In view of the recent visit by the team of Bee Time Artist Residency and the Natural Beekeeping Trust to Palestine & Israel, there will be a variety of contributions about bee work in that region, we thank Karmit Evenzur and Ziv Elyashiv Elyashiv as well as Liat Danieli for their fascinating reports and pictures.

Special thanks to Yossi Aud for his wonderful welcome to his country.


Finally we'd like to let you know that we've been considering how best to help our bee friends in Australia. We have been deeply connected with Adrian Iodice for some years now. Adrian is hoping to realise an ambitious project of restoring habitat and forage to the honeybees and other insect life that have experienced such heart-breaking devastation in the recent fires. In Adrian's own words ........

"Fires are far from over here we are constantly on alert waiting for the beast to flare again so many hundreds of thousands of hectares of beautiful forests gone so many bee colonies gone, devastating!

I’ve lost a few colonies in my apiary, heart wrenching. I was watching a wild colony living along our road in the forest at head height, the tree cavity resembled a cave and I could see the cluster hanging from the roof of the cavity you can see a video post of them on my insta account, now they have gone, into the ashes, their wax has melted down the front of the cavity and brood comb turned to ash still in it’s form sits at the entrance, my heart cries for them and cries for the thousands of colonies lost in the forests, therefore I am starting a campaign to build lots of log nests to hang in trees to help support their return into the forests"

We will be reaching out to the many bee communities we are connected with as soon as we have more information about the fundraising appeal Adrian will initiate in co-operation with the Trust and Boomtree Bees in Ireland.



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