The Natural Beekeeping Trust promotes awareness of sustainable beekeeping, which is determined by our understanding of the essential needs of the Bee.


Our aim is to be a key contributor to new directions in apiculture and our work in developing bee-centred, treatment-free, beekeeping has been featured in many national and foreign media. We are confident that our beekeeping approach of "giving to the bees" as opposed to "taking from the bees" is an appropriate and necessary response to the situation in which pollinators, in particular honeybees, find themselves today.  Of the things we give to the Bee, the most important is our keen attention, for it is clear to us that now is the time for the Bee to speak and for us to listen.


We take an unequivocal stance against neonicotinoid pesticides and work with environmental campaign groups in bringing the risks posed by pesticides, particularly to bees, to public attention.


Our trustees and associates offer courses, seminars and talks in the UK and abroad and organize conferences


We encourage "bee guardianship" - keeping bees for the bees' sake - and advocate organic/biodynamic gardening and farming. Our apicentric approach is guided by the wisdom of the bees insofar as we are able to encompass it, and supported by sound science. 


Although the bulk of the charity's work is carried out by volunteers, we have managed to secure the services of a part time assistant (as at February 2015).  Her services are paid for by your donations, for which we are greatly indebted. If you would like to donate, please use the button at the top right of this page, or see our bank account details here.  If you would like to volunteer  please contact us.


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  • Sunhive Workshop

    PLEASE NOTE:  Workshops are extremely popular. Our next Sun Hive workshop will take place on Friday 8th - Sunday 10th May, 2015.

    The Sun Hive (Weissenseifener Haengekorb) forms the core of the Natural Beekeeping Trust's... Go to course details

    When: Friday, 8 May 2015 - 5:00pm

    Where: Tablehurst Farm, Forest Row,

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  • Joy and jubilation! Our first swarm in 2015

    The first swarm of the season is the most joyful event in one's bee year. It happened yesterday afternoon at 14.30 in Burford. The weather was sunny, but fairly breezy. The lucky bee father Gareth John. Congratulations, A new bee being is born.