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The Natural Beekeeping Trust aims to promote awareness of sustainable beekeeping which is determined by our understanding of  the essential  needs of the bees. The NBKT is a key contributor to new directions in apiculture whose work in developing bee-centred, treatment-free, beekeeping has been featured in many national and foreign media. We are leading the international initiative to promote the sunhive, a hive that is made from natural material and fully respects the functional needs and form of the bee colony.

The charity takes an unequivocal stance against neonicotinoid pesticides and is associated with environmental campaign groups in bringing the issue of pesticides to public attention.  Our trustees and associates offer courses, seminars and talks in the UK and abroad and organize bi-annual conferences.  We can be contacted via

We believe that encouraging a wider adoption of  "bee guardianship" - keeping bees for the bees' sake - as well as actively supporting organic/biodynamic gardening and farming, and other nature conservation projects, will make a major contribution to ensuring the long term health of the honeybee. Our apicentric approach is guided by the wisdom of the bees insofar as we are able to encompass it, and supported by sound science.

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  • Tree Beekeeping

    Two of our lovely bee partners are winging their way to Switzerland very soon, to be initiated into the ancient art of keeping bee colonies in living trees; during this course, organised by FreeTheBees, they will be instructed by Polish tree beekeepers experienced in this form of beekeeping... Go to Event details

    When: Saturday, 19 April 2014 - 10:00am

    Where: The Old Redhouse Farm, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset

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  • Reviving an ancient tradition

    Jonathan Powell has just returned from Switzerland, where he learnt from Polish masters about the ancient tradition of keeping bee in trees. Read Jonathan's inspiring account of his experiences here